Single-Family Residential


Single-family residential development is the cornerstone of our business. We can assist with site analysis, site layout, and full-service engineering services to take your project from concept to reality.


Site Analysis

The first step in any single-family residential project is the completion of a thorough examination of the proposed project site to identify any restrictions (zoning, infrastructure, etc.) that will impact your development. We coordinate with our clients and local municipalities to ensure that the project proceeds as smoothly and cost-effectively as possible. CEC will develop a site layout that maximizes the use of your property.


CEC has working relationships with the major site development contractors in the region. We will coordinate with the contractors and local inspectors to ensure that your project is constructed properly and in a timely manner.

Engineering & Design Permitting

Once an optimal preliminary design has been developed, our engineering team will develop a comprehensive set of construction drawings and engineering calculations. CEC has the experience and knowledge needed to value engineer your subdivision without sacrificing quality and sustainability. We also have well-established relationships with reviewing agencies that help us quickly obtain the required permits to begin construction.

Project Closeout

At the end of the day, you want to sell lots, whether to homebuilders or individual homebuyers. We will assist in the bonding, platting, and closeout processes needed to allow you to start profiting as soon as possible from your investment.


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