Commercial & institutional


CEC has successfully completed numerous commercial projects ranging from educational institutions, office complexes, auto dealerships, and small business sites. Each commercial design has its own unique design challenges. We work carefully with our clients to develop a design that is cost-effective and meets the needs of the proposed business, whether it be traffic flow at a drive-through restaurant or vehicle storage at an auto dealership. We have extensive experience coordinating with architects, building engineers, and contractors to facilitate a comprehensive, well-thought-out design.


Site Analysis

CEC will analyze the proposed project site and applicable regulations to identify any restrictions (building setbacks, parking requirements, landscape requirements, etc.) that will impact the site layout. CEC will then develop a site layout that maximizes the use of your property while complying with regulatory requirements. 


CEC has working relationships with the major site development contractors in the region. We will coordinate with the contractors and local inspectors to ensure that your project is constructed properly and in a timely manner.

Engineering Design & Permitting

Once an optimal preliminary design has been developed, our engineering team will begin a comprehensive set of construction drawings and engineering calculations. CEC has the experience and knowledge needed to value engineer your development without sacrificing quality and sustainability. We also have well-established relationships with reviewing agencies that help us to obtain the required construction permits in a timely manner.

Project Closeout

We will coordinate with the contractor and local municipalities to ensure that you are able to obtain a certificate of occupancy as soon as possible. We will assist with project closeout so that you can begin profiting from your investment as soon as possible.


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